Market Research Projects

Market for rockdrills in the mining sector

The company was struggling to regain its leadership in the market having lost its position because of mismanagement by its previous international owners.  

Demand for underground dewatering pumps in the mining sector

An Australian manufacturer of pumps intended expanding its representation in South Africa through a well established local distributor.

Profile of the market for protective coatings

A major coatings supplier needed to revise its marketing strategy and required updated marketing information which included competitor profiles, problems in marketing, trends, market shares, estimate of total demand by market sector.

Management of corporate documents and records

A documents and records storage company was looking to expand its activities which had grown considerably in scope and complexity from its early days.

Market for biocides and water treatment chemicals

An Israeli supplier of biocides and water treatment chemicals was already represented in South African but wanted to obtain a better understanding of conditions in South Africa.

South African market for fabric and surface care chemicals

An Indian chemical supplier identified South Africa as a high growth market and was drawing up a marketing strategy for the South African market. It required a better understanding of the Fabric & Surface Care market to prepare its marketing plan.

South African market for truck weighbridges

A feasibility study on behalf of an Israeli company with a unique truck weighing system wishes to enter the market in South Africa. The market research survey analysed the market identifying current weigh bridge suppliers and arrived at an estimate of demand.

Demand for supply chain management in the Coega Industrial Development Zone

To assist client to reach a decision whether to locate in the IDZ, the survey objectives were to understand the potential of the Coega development,

Survey in the market for bulk and 3rd party distribution in Namibia

A market survey was required to identify the major potential customers per geographical area, the current logistical status with these customers, opposition analysis, services being offered, estimate of demand (market size), market shares, market growth, strengths and weaknesses of freight companies, opportunities and threats and trends in the market.

Supply chain management in the oil & gas industry

A logistics company, in South Africa, wished to extend its penetration of the market up the West coast of Africa where the oil and gas industry was developing at a fast rate.

Analysis of the South African Beef Industry

Foreign investors looking at the feasibility to enter the South African beef industry in South Africa. Information required was estimate of demand for beef in value and volume terms,

Likely Demand for 3-Wheeler Vehicle

A series of focus groups and vehicle clinics were carried out in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa on behalf of a Development Corporation and an Italian vehicle manufacturer to measure the likely demand for a 3-wheeler vehicle which could be used for small business purposes.

Journal Readership and Online Visitor survey

To profile reader’s frequency and recency of reading, usefulness, advertising seen, age, income, job function, and decision making authority among readers of the most widely read industrial newspaper in South Africa.

Customer Satisfaction

Continuous measure of customer satisfaction for a large compressor and generator hire company to measure the performance of each of 13-depots and compare with competitors.

Market Potential for Phosphonates

German Company intends to enter the market in South Africa for phosphonates used to treat water for various applications. The survey quantified the market and established trends,

Demand for Lubricants in selected African Countries

Series of 2- market surveys in each country was carried out to establish the nature and character of the markets for lubricants in Angola, Tanzania, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique.

Salt Water Chlorinators

Company was losing market share due to aggressive marketing practised by a competitor. The survey analysed the market by establishing the demand for chlorinators, pricing of products, trends, market shares of the different brands, bundling of swimming pool products to offer discounted prices etc.

Demand for Sanitaryware

A major Swiss manufacturer of sanitaryware wished analyse the market in South Africa and to identify opportunities. Demand, market shares of competitors, price elasticity, opportunities and threats, barriers to entry, distribution and satisfaction with current suppliers were established.

Demand for Leather

To establish attitudes and usage of leather products in different market sectors. This covered automotive, furniture, clothing, shoes and accessories. The objective was to establish how leather could be better promoted to the various markets.

Demand for Air-Conditioners

Survey conducted for a British building research organisation on behalf of their members to provide past, current and to forecast future demand broken down into different type, size and market segments.

Market for Pipes and Fittings

Market analysis of pipes used in the water reticulation and plumbing industry. Market size, market shares, suppliers, trends, market growth, customer expectations and various other aspects were covered. One survey also covered the likely demand for a new product.

Demand for Outside Plant in the Telecommunications Industry

Demand for OSP products and services in 12-SADC member countries. To profile the network operators and establish their future expenditure patterns. To identify and profile suppliers to the telecoms organisations.