Leading Marketing Research Company South Africa

If you need to make use of the services as offered by a marketing research company South Africa, look no further. George Klein and Associates CC (GK&A) is a leading, experienced, and specialised marketing research company South Africa focusing on the commercial and industrial market sector.


As marketing research company South Africa we provide a full range of market research services such as questionnaire design, field work, and data capturing. In addition we offer data analysis services, reporting, consultation regarding survey findings, and the development of market strategies.

When Will You Make Use Of A Market Research Company South Africa?

If you want an overview of the socio-political background regarding the South African business environment or want information about GGP, inflation, market growth or population demographics, you will make use of our marketing research company services in South Africa. We also provide services relating to information about market size, shares and competitor activities. As such our competitive intelligence services are well appreciated in the business communities of South Africa.

Companies requiring assistance with assessment of product and service profiles for specific commercial and industrial sectors, needing data regarding current, future and discontinued usage of specific products or wanting help to identify customer needs according to importance, also make use of our services.

As a specialised marketing research company South Africa based, we also provide research assistance to identify supplier performance and the matching thereof with customer needs. Other areas of expertise include gathering, analysis, and reporting regarding:

  •  Quantification of most likely sales at various price levels and the perceived advantages or disadvantages of specific product features.
  •  Research regarding competitors.
  •  Assessment of competitor images against a range of customer needs.
  •  Buying patterns and demographics.
  •  How customers perceive communication and their preferred communication methods.
  •  Measurement of price elasticity.
  •  Forecasts of demand over short to medium term for specific products or services.
  •  Market feasibility studies.

Contact us as a leading marketing research company in South Africa today to help you assess the market, customer perception, competitor environment, and possible demand.

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