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George Klein and Associates (GK&A) is a specialised Marketing Research Company in South Africa active in Commercial and Industrial markets.

George Klein and Associates is a full service marketing research and strategy company in South Africa offering questionnaire design, field work, data capture and analysis, presentation of reports, consultation on survey findings and formulation of market strategy.

Market Research Company South Africa

GK&A's marketing research philosophy is based on two aspects that all markets possess.

The first is that a market has a visible structure comprising the quantifiable portion of the market whose parameters are expressed in market size, in growth rates, in market shares, in product range, in prices, in distribution channels and basically can be defined as a study of how the market is structured.

The second is that a market also has an invisible qualitative structure comprising customer behaviour, customer expectations, perceptions of supplier performance, customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction with suppliers and various other issues. The collective attitudes of a company's customers determine the success or failure of that company.


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